Thursday, April 19, 2012

i dream of . . . Delectable Caviar Nails

Hello~ I hope everyone’s doing well!  I haven’t updated here in so long!

I wanted to share something I’ve been intrigued by…  Have you guys heard of this fairly recent nail art called the “Caviar Nails.” 

Ciate Caviar Manicure Set 6 Are You Ready for Ciates Caviar Manicure?  Its Coming to Sephora!

It looks quite chic and stunning but can also look a bit too much and childish if done the wrong way.  I personally think that doing just one nail on each hand with the Caviar pearls is plenty and can look artistic.  However, if you do choose to Caviar all of your nails, I think that the black and mother of pearl is the most forgiving.  The rainbow caviar done on all nails looks like a little girl dipped her sticky fingers into a jar of sprinkles, which I can’t say looks tres chic.

Ciate is a UK based brand and they have 3 different caviar colors available- Black, Mother of Pearl(white), Rainbow (looks like sprinkles).  The kit comes with one nail polish color and one container of caviar pearls.  The caviar pearls are meant to be poured all over your just-painted wet nail and then the pearls have to be gently pressed down for maximum adhesion.  No top coat is meant to be used over the caviar pearls but only on the edge/tip of each nail.  The Ciate Caviar nail kit can be purchased at Sephora and retails for $25.  I do think this price is quite over-the-top but unless you’re willing to go out to an art supply store and find some beads yourself, you don’t really have much of a choice.  When I google image searched Caviar Nails, there were posts of ladies that had gone out and found similar sized beads to the Ciate one so I know that if one looks hard enough, they can avoid the hefty $25 for the Caviar nail kit.  The one that I’m lusting over is the kit that includes the black nail polish and black caviar pearls.  Of course, you don’t have to use the nail polish included in the kit as the base color.  You can opt for any of your favorite polishes to use instead.  My biggest concern with this is that the pearls will continually fall off.  I just wonder exactly how long this can actually last when even my regular nail polish chips oh-so-quickly.  Second concern, I love long nails so my nails are never short, this caviar nail art would probably work best on shorter nails because long nails naturally bend and I feel like this can cause the pearls to loosen.  Have any of you tried this nail-art out?  Any of you purchased the Ciate Caviar nail kit?

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