Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Butter London Nail Polishes & Lippy Review

I was ecstatic when Butter London reached out to me to review their nail polishes.  I chose Knackered, Lillibet's Jubilee and Yummy Mummy because I found these to be the most wearable yet unique.  I also tried out the matching Yummy Mummy Lippy.  Here are some upclose pictures of the beauties.

Clockwise from left: Knackered, Lillibet's Jubilee, Yummy Mummy, Yummy Mummy Lippy

Lillibet's Jubilee

Lillibet's Jubilee & Knackered layered on top of ring finger (Indoors)

Lillibet's Jubilee & Knackered layered on top of ring finger (Outdoors)

Yummy Mummy

Check out my video for the complete review on these Butter London products.

Products Shown:
All Hail the Queen
Lady Muck
Lillibet's Jubilee
Yummy Mummy
Yummy Mummy Lippy
*All Hail the Queen and Lady Muck were purchased with my own funds, the rest were provided by Butter London for review purposes.  These are my honest opinions.

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